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Alaric and Caroline decide on making the twins open up the vault by siphoning off Bonnie's spell.

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Elena tries to save Damon's life while the man tells her that Damon killed his girlfriend, Lexi. Jeremy informs him that he found a journal from the s, something that seems to be interested in. Stefan explains that he was wondering the same thing and that her last name Gilbert confused him because Katherine's was different Pierce.

Gradually, the rest start worcester dating uk reports of large number of people going missing and they realize it's them, but they don't know where to start looking.

Enzo recollects of the glorious 3 years as he struggles to the impale while Damon, just in time, finds the Everlasting's body, sets it on fire thus severing the link and lifting the curse off of Bonnie.

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Elena and Damon are back to Mystic Falls and Elena finally talks to Stefan asking him the truth and if he was with her because of her resemblance to Katherine. Stefan calls Elena who is still angry and demands to know how she is connected to Katherine.

Since then he begun watching her to be sure that she was not Katherine and he figured out how different she was from her.

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Inside the bar, Damon finally tells Bree what he wants and she tells him that he needs the crystal to open the tomb. Damon asks her if she is fine and Elena says: Elena manages to convince him not to kill Damon and the man runs away. Grams Sheila senses that he is a vampire after touching his hand and knowing that she can trust him, she tells him that he knows where to find Bonnie.

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When Damon returns from Georgia, Stefan is waiting with news that will change their world. The episode ends with Alaric sitting at the bar.

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Jeremy is at the school's library looking for information about his paper when he meets Anna. Damon and Elena arrive at a bar where Damon is old friends with the owner, Bree. Elena is shocked but she keeps wondering why the two of them look so much alike and if they are related. Elena gets back home and is mad at Jenna for never telling her she was adopted.

Somewhere far off, Damon and Enzo have lost every shred of humanity and killing endless people for the sake of sport.

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Elena doesn't want to talk to him and Damon hangs up on him. A rejoiced Bonnie forgives Damon on the phone and while he's getting out, he starts hearing Elena's voice.

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Stefan finds Bonnie and asks her to help him find Elena. He then discovered that Elena is adopted but he didn't want to start asking people about Katherine's family because it was dangerous. He tried to save her parents as well but it was too late.


Bree is a Witch and Damon came to ask her help so he can bring Katherine back. Outside, Alaric tells Caroline to stay back with Stefan and parts ways on good terms saying that no matter what, they will always be family.

Damon picks her up and goes to his car. In an attempt to save her life, she tells him that Emily's spell book holds the secret to reverse the spell. Bree explains that she did it because Lexi was her friend and warns him that her blood is full of vervain but she is still scared of him.

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Three months from now, Everybody's trying to find Enzo and Damon, Alaric manages to crack open the code for the vault but they find it empty. McQueen would be departing the show. Bonnie remains helpless as she lost two of her closest people and her magic never came back.

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He assures her that while the vampires are still barely alive, they are weak and desiccated and locked safely. He promises Elena he won't compel her and she agrees job dating iut annecy continue traveling with him. He gives her Elena's necklace to make a spell but when she tries nothing happens.

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Are any of the cast of vampire diaries dating