Rain Barrel to Toilet Installation - A Practical How-To Guide

Best way to hook up rain barrel,

You now have a working toilet that flushes with rain water. This spigot must also have a closeable valve. This will help prevent any inadvertent slipping of the hose off the barb.

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If drilling through plywood, make sure you're not drilling on a vertical stud. The next problem to overcome is the difference in pressure between your home's domestic water supply and that of your rain barrel. If it did that in my bathroom, I'd have a 90 gallon mess to clean up!

Keep in mind though that this is only the potential. Backflow Prevention In some areas, it is required code for you to install a back-flow prevention device.

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I thought there must be a simpler way to use more harvested rainwater year 'round. Feed 18" of this dowel through the end of the vinyl tubing. If you're drilling through concrete, I highly recommend buying or renting an impact hammer drill.

This will let you use rainwater for longer during periods without rain. Calculating Your Harvest Potential Preferably, pick a downspout that drains from a large section of your roof.

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Instead, it is connected to a splitter valve green dot in figure above behind toilet. Drilling this hole was not fun. Here's a few more gadgets you can add to your system.

It is my hope that this web page may inspire and help others to hook up a rain barrel to their home black-water toilet system. Given time to settle in your toilet's tank or bowl, these particles may accumulate. Use ample amounts of Teflon tape to prevent leaks. It is also very important that you've directed the overflow port at the top of your barrel back into the gutter system.

The roof area should be calculated as seen from directly above, not the total square footage of the slope. It's important that you get one with an adjustable arm lower right picture.

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This allows easy switching between rainwater black line and the normal potable water supply short red line. Hardware stores sell pipe insulation that might delay supply line freezing if you're in an area more prone to colder weather.

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The picture below illustrates the parts. It gathers particles out of the air. You can increase your usable harvest by using a larger barrel or by hooking multiple barrels together.

I bought all of my installation hardware at Home Depot. Inside this fitting I installed a water filter. It rarely goes below freezing for very long around Seattle. I've chosen not to insulate my supply line.

For single-story homes, I suspect that placing 3 to 4 feet of blocks or a small platform under your barrel will provide enough pressure. Rain would otherwise hit the ground where your house is and soak into the underground water table or enter a natural stream. Water Meter How cool is it to know how much rain water you've used?

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You can patch up any gaps on the walls around the tube on the inside with spackle, and on the outside with silicon sealant. To check yours, the number is sometimes printed onto the ceramic just behind the seat.

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You can buy a small roll of Teflon tape at any hardware store for a buck. I'm good for 90 gallons divided by 1. I used it once in a while, but found it time consuming to fill watering cans and so it went mostly unused.

The store I was at carried parts from a company called Watts Industries. The filters installed should gather most of the course stuff, but the fine particles may give the water a slight "tea" color. Locating Your Barrel Your first task will be to find a functional and aesthetic place to place your rain barrel. I've found that the fill times are about the same at 4psi as at 40psi.

While it doesn't come close to making up for our gas-guzzling, high-consuming lifestyles, rain harvesting does have a positive impact on our environment. The kit I got had a float arm that was too long.

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During periods of heavy rain, this storm surge from houses, parking lots, and streets into the sewer system can max out treatment capacity, causing raw sewage to flow out untreated into waterways. It involved asian christian speed dating feet of supply line since the barrel was laterally offset from the toilet.

Also, I have the satisfaction of a small level of self-sufficiency from an online dating time consuming lifestyle otherwise dependant on society for survival. This is known as turbidity. Overall Installation My rainwater supply line is not directly connected to the toilet.

I had to buy the replacement fill valve shown below. When connected to rain water, it's even quieter when it's filling up. While these don't pose a maintenance issue as they are easily swept away with water current, you might have to brush your toilet bowl more often. Don't worry about color.

Your harvest potential will be based on this roof area and also the annual rainfall for your area. This will assume that you've already found a suitable place for your rain barrel and have redirected the flow from a downspout into the barrel. Older toilets may use 3 or more gallons.

Check with your local government if interested. You can place your barrel anywhere in relation to the toilet as long as you have adequate height above it. You can't even tell it's there!