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The computer Chris uses for Internet access seems to be in this part of the house, as is a Christmas tree left up year-round. Because, you know, that was his main concern, rather than his impending trial in February. Sarah Nicole Hammer was one of Chris's neighbors when they were children.

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For reasons which are not entirely clear, the renovation of the house took much longer than anticipated. The carpet Other changes: As pointed out by quite a few concerned people, the house had always been a health and safety hazard, and it was only a matter of time before disaster struck.

The plants in the planters have long since died. Tellingly, Chris has actually photographed himself with Officer Nasty and dildos in the kitchen, and has even mass debated here over a webcam feed. Whereas Chris had at least some room to maneuver in the Tour Video, here, the passageways have become so narrow and jam-packed that even he complains about all of the clutter being in his way.

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Chris's room is in the north corner of the second floor. Chris's sunderland gay dating is now on the first floor, his former room being used for storage. As of Februarythe yard has been completely obscured by trash, junked cars, and God knows what else.

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At one point, the ball enters the road and Chris gives chase. The shed is full of shit, most notably a car, and was once the place where Bob would tinker with machines. Also notable is the fact that every so often, Chris can be observed picking up random pieces of garbage from the floor as well.

The Chandlers were known to possess at least two riding lawn mowers.

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In typical Chris-Chan fashionhe describes his room as "the cleanest of the whole house", despite it having unsightly masses of clothes everywhere and even an unmade bed that he couldn't be bothered to at least straighten up before making this ill-advised video.

The kitchenformerly inaccessible, can be used for cooking. The second mower is presumably the one seen in photos of the yard after the house fire, as the listing includes the tarp that is seen covering it. In December and Januarythe Chandlers moved back in.

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Chris whined about using one in the Father Call. He abruptly stops once the ball enters a neighbor's driveway, possibly meaning that he had been told not to go on that property without permission.

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Second floor Barbara moving Chris's earthly possessions from Richmond back to the living room in April In two videos uploaded on 27 MarchChris provided a tour of his house and the property that it's on. Current state A room filled with what is presumably Barb's hoard. Electric Hedgehog Boogaloo Main article: On 10 Januarya fire broke out at the Chandler household.

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What follows is a brief description of the rooms and other areas of 14 Branchland Court. Her ton doghouse still stands, and she is buried nearby.

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According to Chris, this was caused by a worn extension cord plugged into a coffee machine, which sparked and started the blaze. Several rooms are so cluttered that Chris cannot enter them.

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The neighbors allegedly retaliated by training a snake to invade 14 Branchland Court, egging the house and stealing some items. The family room possibly in the west corner had been claimed by the late Bob Chandlerwho apparently slept there as well.

Where dreams do come true - HIs solution was to pour Liquid Plumber into it and whine that every house should have two bathtubs.

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Branchland relationship branchland places to meet people