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The legislature Kantonsrat has 80 members.

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In the canton of Zug became a member of the Sonderbund and participated in the war of which was lost to the Swiss confederation. The Lake of Zug German: Round the town of Zug there are great numbers of fruit trees, and Kirsch a high grade clear cherry schnapps and cider are largely manufactured.

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Apiculture flourishes in the canton. Inagartala dating site the Act of Mediation, the canton of Zug regained its independence as a separate canton.

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The Swiss geologist Albert Heim — once noted that "this must be the most impressive moraine landscape in Switzerland". The term of office in both cases is four years. The formerly important silk-weaving industry has now disappeared.

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In this battle the powerful Habsburgs were defeated. In the higher regions of the canton the population is mainly engaged duncan single sexy women pastoral pursuits and cattle-breeding.

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Canton Zug's borders were mainly established by nature itself: It also separates the hilly district of Menzingen from the Zugersee. At Baar there are factories.

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The river Lorze is the principal drainage in the canton. In the remaining functions of the Landsgemeinde were abolished. At km2 the canton is one of the smallest of the cantons in terms of area.

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In rough terms, there are two zones, divided by the north-south axis of Lake Zug: The Zugerberg 1, m in the south is another notable elevation. The constitution of abolished public assemblies Landsgemeindewhich had existed in the canton since The canton is located on a hilly plateau.

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Members of both governments are elected directly by popular vote. There are 61 alps high pastures in the canton.

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Political subdivisions[ edit ] Municipalities The canton forms a single administrative district, which comprises eleven municipalities. It connects in the south with the Rossberg massif which rises to the Wildspitz 1, m east of the Zugersee. Both in and in the canton voted against the federal constitutions. The constitution of was amended inand replaced by a new one in

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