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Also there are some spur-less pipes from the period after and pipe bowls with a forward facing spur i.


The pipes were better made, thinner walled and more brittle. It is worth mentioning also here that Dutch pipes of the 18th Century have very long narrow stems with smaller holes whereas English pipes of the same period tend to have larger holes so this is another thing to be considered according to where finds are made.

Materials[ edit ] The bowls of tobacco pipes are commonly made of briar wood, meerschaumcorncobpear-wood or clay.

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In the 's, the American archaeologist J. These typically do not have an air chamber and are so named only because of their external shape. You can help by adding to it.

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Bristol City Museum, Bristol. A calabash pipe is rather large and easy to recognize as a pipe when used on a stage in dramatic productions.

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While both types of blocks can produce pipes of the highest quality, most artisan pipemakers prefer to use plateaux because of its superior graining. Meerschaum is a very porous mineral that absorbs elements of the tobacco during the smoking process, and gradually changes color to a golden brown.

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There are also briar pipes being sold as calabashes. Inside the bowl is an inner chamber 2 space holding tobacco pressed into it. Expensive pipes once had stems made of amberthough this is rare now. Imitations of the calabash and briar pipes were also made near the end of the century.


The spur became rounded, perhaps to allow the bowl to rest on a table top during smoking without marring the finish of the table. At the end of the shank, the pipe's mortise 5 and tenon 6 join is an air-tight, simple connection of two detachable parts where the mortise is a hole met by the tenon, a tight-fitting "tongue" at the start of the stem 7.

The cobs are first dried for two years.

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Meerschaum pipes can either be carved from a block of meerschaum, or made from meerschaum dust collected after carving and mixed with a binder then pressed into a pipe shape. Decoration, however, is more common and varied.

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Beneath the bowl is an air chamber which serves to cool, dry, and mellow the smoke. The first and largest manufacturer of corncob pipes is Missouri Meerschaumlocated in Washington, Missouriin the United States. The broad anatomy of a pipe typically comprises mainly the bowl and the stem. Their proponents claim that, unlike other materials, a well-made clay pipe gives a "pure" smoke with no flavour addition from the pipe bowl.

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Pipe bowls are sometimes decorated by carving, and moulded clay pipes often had simple decoration in the mould. This is why Holmes is stereotypically depicted as favouring a calabash.

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Briar is cut from the root burl of the tree heath Erica arboreawhich is native to the rocky and sandy soils of the Mediterranean region. You wish to analyze these pipe stems to determine when your site was most heavily occupied.

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In the second half of the 17th century, marks were increasingly placed straddling heels or spurs, on bowls, and on stems. The stem needs a long channel of constant position and diameter running through it for a proper draw, clay pipe stem dating filter pipes have varying diameters and can be successfully smoked even without filters or adapters. Because of this expense, pipes with bodies made of wood usually mahogany instead of gourd, but with the same classic shape, are sold as calabashes.

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Old, well-smoked meerschaum pipes are valued top 10 asian dating sites collectors for their distinctive coloring.

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