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Cnbc dating app, spritzr: the perfect dating app with an unique social matchmaking approach

This latest release includes some of the features you've been asking for, with more coming in the near future. The matchmaking feature is innovative here, because there are 2 ways to do that: The app never posts anything back to Facebook and in no case sends any requests on your behalf.

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Nowadays, in hyper-socialization times, there are numerous ways to try and find that ONE. If at least 2 more users do the same match as you, that member will receive a notification with the profile that matches. Tell us what you love, like and how we can improve the app by emailing customercare cnbc.

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Once you connect with Facebook you can add as Spritzr friends those that are already using it or invite others. The more truthful you are in describing yourself, the better your chances of finding the perfect date. This latest release resolves a number of reported issues.

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You can play matchmaker for your friends and help them discover what they have in common that you believe makes them a good match. With streaming support for mobile devices and Android TV, you can stay up to date on business news, politics, finance and primetime shows wherever you are.

Notifications Spritzr works for you i. Stock Alerts - Global stock market coverage around the clock - create and track your favorite company stocks from your mobile device in real-time. On the other hand, your friends know you in a different way than you know yourself.


We'd love to hear from you. View trading data pre-market and after-hours, with charts with customizable time frames, all from your mobile device. The App Spritzr is a mobile app that allows anyone to play matchmaker.

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This latest release improves app performance on iOS You can submit feedback to our Customer Care team at customercare cnbc. You can make 10 matches daily, and you earn karma points for doing so. In Home, Markets, and Videos, swipe left or right at the top of the screen to find more sections. Watch the live stream, video clips and episodes directly on your mobile phone or Android TV device so you can keep up with your favorite CNBC primetime television anytime, anywhere!

Think about that for a minute, an algorithm decided that you can be a match based on what you wrote on your Tinder profile, and you decide just by looking at the photo if you should go further or not. Which divorce rate do you think is the one for United States and which one for India?

We always read your feedback so please keep it coming!

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The only permissions required from Facebook are those to access your birth-date to be sure you are an adult and allowed to join and to see which of your friends are already on Spritzr. And they can recommend dates to you.

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You guessed right, the abysmal one is for US and the incredibly low one is for India. That Latin flying-baby-arrow-shooter was the offspring of Venus love-goddess and Mars war God and its symbol is frequently used in matchmaking scenarios.

Below are 2 official divorce rates for 2 different countries: Oct 23, - Various bug fixes and iOS 11 optimizations We always read your feedback so please keep it coming! Stocks are easily tracked in customizable watchlists so you can get real-time stock market quotes and global market data on your phone throughout the day.

Tell us what you love, or how the app can be improved by emailing cnbcllca2 mailmw. If you believe any of those are a good match just drag and drop it onto the main user profile.

Any link that can be viewed in-app will launch CNBC directly to the relevant page or section. This is the interesting part, you can match community members without knowing them. But why is there such a big difference? Well, in India a very high percentage of marriages are actually based on matchmaking, meaning those 2 people are introduced by a 3rd party usually family.

You can make 10 matches daily and even be rewarded virtually for now when a good match is done. To find it, just tap on the drop down arrow next to Top News in the header and select Watchlist News.

Mar 22, Version 4.

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We carefully read all of our app reviews and appreciate hearing from our users. Add to Wishlist Install The CNBC mobile app lets you access accurate and actionable business news, financial information, market data and primetime programming faster than ever.

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The dating side of Spritzr follows the logic of creating a profile and then finding others with common interests, that are near you. Following stocks and keeping up with the market is easier than ever with our mobile app. You can do more than be matchmaker for your friends, as you can suggest someone for a community member as well, without knowing them.

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The control is always in your hands, meaning no matter how a match was suggested you have the choice of deciding if a meet-up is something worthwhile or not. You see a main user profile and several secondary ones that Spritzr suggests.

Tell us what you love, like and how the app can be improved by emailing cnbcllca2 mailmw. Just finding the right one takes time, and hopefully Spritzr will help you find a perfect date, using intel from your friends.

This gives you privacy and the flexibility to talk only with those you decide are a good fit for you.

Messages are grouped by conversations for easier browsing, and a history is kept. In the end, no matter the symbol, matchmaking is all about finding the perfect or close to that match.

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Breaking news alerts are delivered instantly to your phone, enabling you to stay on top of the market. As soon as you find a good match for one of your friends, you can suggest they hook up. Tell us what you love, like and how we can improve the app by emailing cnbcllca2 mailmw.

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