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Coc attack matchmaking. Coc Clan War Matchmaking

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Indeed a fair statement! If the number available to win is much lower than that available to lose, the battle may in fact be relatively easy.

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Because of this, you are likely to find targets at or near your Town Hall level. Clans who have been recently losing a lot will be more likely to be matched with other Clans who are also struggling to find a win, thus helping to break long losing-streaks.

That goes for everyone. One final reason is to simply have something to do while waiting for an upgrade. Feel free to post any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them promptly. You might message SC and confirm.

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Timmy or Doc, please help! Coc clan war matchmaking way, you could practice attacks as much as you want to any TH clan mate without having to wait for them to challenge.

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This allows you to raid a person who has attacked you first. One reason is to steal resources.

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There are three stars available to be earned in each battle: Matchmaking matches you with another player based on your Trophies and Town Hall level. If you have fewer trophies than your opponent, it is presumed that your opponent is "stronger" than you. Can you wait a little more?

The total weight of all the villages which join the War of your Clan decides who will be your next competitor! If you begin the match with more trophies than your opponent, it is presumed that your opponent is "weaker" than you Town Hall or Experience levels are irrelevant for the purposes of this determination. Thanks for your reply barelsky, but youll have to excuse my ignorance hereā€¦ I was under the impression that this coc clan war matchmaking weight calculator will help me understand the map rankings and exactly why my cheifs are ranked the way they are?

However, do not rely solely on this comparison, as trophy counts can be easily manipulated as shown in the above paragraph. We started off at 50 members, and could not find a match in a day. How does the May Shipwreck Update affect all of this?


This will require you to earn the first and second star as well. Here are the weights for the wall pieces.

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Can you post what has changed in June? The length of search time definitely makes a difference, we've only had mismactched wars when its been searching for 30mins or longer. This icon is only displayed while the Town Hall is at full health and in Air mode.

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Although you can deploy troops during this time, the battle will start immediately upon doing so you do not get extra time by starting early. The reason for this is simple Because of this, many higher level players keep an artificially low trophy count by intentionally losing battles; in this way they can both make their villages easier to defend as they will on average be attacked by weaker opponents as well as ensure themselves less difficult bases to attack for resources.

We've tried canceling after 5min or so but it goes on for over an hour when we do that.

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Victory is determined by earning at least one star during a raid. Defeating this "stronger" opponent entitles you to more trophies than you would get by defeating an "equal" opponent, and likewise being defeated by a "stronger" opponent costs you fewer trophies. Or are that just wild numbers from someone who doesn't think outside the US? This is actually a strategy used by players wanting to drop their trophies to possibly farm resources or for other reasons.

SC then offered me a pack, which I purchased, including Gold, Gems and 1 inferno.

[War] SuperCell War Matching System : ClashOfClans

If you see a large discrepancy in the number of trophies available to win vs. You can press the arrow button at any time to view the other side of the map. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Side note- Hello Mocha, hope Force is doing well.

Coc Matchmaking War

That being said, I want to commend Timmy for the hours he must spend putting all this stuff together. Why does the Witch hold so much more weight than all other troops? Retrieved December 2, I always respond with coc clan war matchmaking statements.

If the number of trophies available to win is much higher than that available to lose, you are likely to encounter a difficult battle. I like upgrading my wall but have stopped for war purposes.

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Another is to gain trophies to either top up their trophy balance or get promoted to the next league. But we wanted to make sure we communicated this to you all and let you know that ensuring an enjoyable Clan War is just as important to us as it is to you. Once you have deployed a troop my ex dating a model cast a spell even accidentallythe 'End Battle' button is replaced by the 'Surrender' button; pressing that and confirming your surrender will cause you to immediately lose the battle and lose Trophies.

Once you have earned at least 1 star the 'Surrender' button will change to become the 'End Battle' button, you can click it to end the battle early even before the 3 coc attack matchmaking are up. Before the battle has started, if the village you are first paired up with is not to your liking you can press the 'Next' button to pay a small amount of gold depending on your Town Hall level and be shown another village to potentially raid.

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What do you guys with your timings? Love this tool for planing my upgrades.

FALCON GUIDE | Best TH10 Attack in CoC | Clash of Clans

Victory and Defeat Trophies are awarded upon a multiplayer victory. Upgrading your Town Hall unlocks new defenses, buildings, traps and much more. What is unfair or dishonest about sharing this info with everyone, for free, or choosing to upgrade in a manner that is available to everyone?

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