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Read Less Our Products. On retirement from India the family settled in the village of Pluckley which is the most haunted village in England.

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Our online services include an English Language website, a Russian and a French website. The leaves are dried in a variety of ways including sun drying, firing and steaming. White Teas are another Tea known for their medicinal qualities, they have a light delicate liquor and taste and are drunk without Milk.

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Traditionally the youngest freshest tea leaves are picked, the first two leaves and a bud. At the factory there is a factory shop open to the public with a range of over Loose Teas and Coffees available wich are also online.

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Based on a blend of teas and scented with the oil of bergamot. A fruity Caffeine Free alternative to standard teas. We have sixteen different Earl Grey Teas in stock. Read More Today the Company has a fleet of vans servicing retail and catering customers directly in Kent and Sussex and via courier throughout the United Kingdom, the European Union and Internationally.

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Due to the well documented Health Benefits of Green Tea it has become very much a day to day cup of tea for those choosing to drink loose green tea for its many help properties. The company now employs 15 people.

Online Trade facilities are offered to many European Union countries.

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Drunk without milk Oolong teas have sweet aromas and Fruity, Honey like taste notes. Once picked the leaves are dating sites nyc professionals in a variety of ways.

Oolong Teas are known for their medicinal properties and greatly valued for achieving weight loss.

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Sometimes referred to as Tisanes, often blended with standard teas. White Teas originated in China but in recent times other origins are growing white teas, notably the White Silvertip Teas from Nepal.

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Manufactured from Green Teas that have been grown under Shade conditions during the time leading up to harvest. The most popular flavoured green tea is Japanese Cherry!

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Black Teas are blended in a drum with natural oils and products such as petals, flowers and spices. The factory and warehouse is situated near the village of Pluckley, in the heart of the English County of Kent.

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Black Teas are strong and often drunk with milk. Often brewed in a big coffee and tea dating site on the stove top with all the ingredients, tea, water, milk, whole spices and sugar for a good hour or so!

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Traditionally dark and strong brews served with milk to give that early morning pick me up. Today the Company is involved with the importing, packing, wholesaling and retailing of Loose Leaf Tea Online and the importing and roasting of an extensive range of Coffees for commercial and private customers.

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We have an extensive range of over original Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea.

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