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Here the narrator, an anonymous American working on his doctoral research in Paris, discovers a manuscript in the hands of some trash-pickers.

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Versailles retaliated with nineteen hundred. Bertrand " contained the body "of a dog, which despite 8 years in the ground was still incompletely destroyed. Fearing that he'll accidentally kill Sophie, Bertrand goes out one night to feed on someone else.

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Endore uses the werewolf narrative to depict and comment on the fervid political climate of France in the nineteenth century. He is caught attacking a fellow soldier and arrested. Bertrand eventually commits suicide by jumping from the building with another inmate whom he delusively believes is Sophie. Their deaths are similar to a suicide fantasy that Bertrand and Sophie enjoyed; the real Sophie had previously committed suicide on her own, unable to deal with her separation from Bertrand.

Unbeknownst to Aymar, Bertrand suffers in a small cell, drugged when he is visited by his uncle. Bertrand flees to Paris after his assault on a prostitute, his incestuous union with his mother, and his murder of a friend in their home village.

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The report indicates that the grave of one "Sieur C To that comparison add this one. Sophie, a masochistic and obsessed with death, helps Bertrand avoid the violent effects of his transformation by allowing him to cut into her flesh in order to suck her blood.

Anthony Boucher and J.

Hammer Film Productions ' The Curse of the Werewolf was the first adaptation of the story, although now set in nineteenth-century Spain, with little of the novel's political content. Aymar tries to find Bertrand by studying the details of local crimes, such as the mutilation of corpses and various murders.

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Bertrand grows up with strange sadistic and sexual desires which are usually expressed as dreams. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Aymar transfers Bertrand to an asylum after the reactionary Versaillists have retaken Paris, with great loss of life among the Communardswho are executed en masse.

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Bertrand joins the National Guard during the Franco-Prussian Wardoing little fighting and finding love from a girl who volunteers at a canteen, the beautiful and wealthy Sophie de Blumenberg. Even so, like Endore's fiction Legend of the Werewolf is sensitive to the hardships of the working classes and other victims human and non-human of social hierarchy.

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The novel is filled with allusions to notable historical figures including BismarckBlanquiCourbetDumasHaussmannand Thiers. The Versaillists executed 20, commoners before the firing squads in one week. The whole famous Reign of Terror in fifteen months guillotined 2, aristos.

The narrative proper is followed by a grisly appendix citing a municipal report on the cemeteries of Paris. Sometimes the dreams are memories of actual experiences in which he had transformed into a wolf.

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Plot summary[ edit ] Like much Gothic fiction, The Werewolf of Paris nusa tenggara timur chat with a frame story in which the author explains his struggle with the fantastic elements of his tale.

He describes it as "the Galliez report: Francis McComasnotable sci-fi and mystery writers in the s and s, described Dating online best websites as a "superb blend of fantasy and psycho-pathology and history.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Legend of the Werewolfset in nineteenth-century Paris, reflects aspects of the novel, but Endore is not credited.

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Aymar finds Bertrand in Paris during the Paris Communebut thinking that love has cured Bertrand, he decides not to take action. More specifically, his narrator comments cynically on the confusions and mistakes of the Commune, but always in the context of the unsurpassed brutality of dating guy werewolf capitalist system.