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Dating stetson hats, dating stetson hats

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Collectors speculate Stetson was just using up its stock of the read and orange ones before going with the white one full time. Notice that Stetson went back to incorporating the re-order and size info on the same tag.

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Early in the s, perhaps as early as the s, Stetson began to separate the re-order tags. Another alternate version of the brown tag same dates as above.

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There are all sorts of these tags and while they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, one general rule of thumb is that they got smaller over the years. More Hat Related Posts.

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These tags had other uses, too. They also got less and less fancy. If he liked the type of hat he had he could get it replaced with one exactly like it.


The latter two are from the late s. Separate Reorder Tag Styles and Dating Ultimately, Stetson used the two separate tags from sometime in the s all the way until about or so when they went to the white tag seen below.

On Stetsons there were two of these stickers glued to the felt behind the sweatband, at the back of the hat. All those records… just gone. A leather sweatband is generally manufactured to stay flipped inward to hold the proper shape of the hat opening but the bigger problem is age.


And, of course, the name of the hat company and sometimes its address were also on these tags. I you Qatar recently its existence, with change.

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Matt he is Newsletter Qatar little with. This one was mostly gone by the mid to late 20s but some stocks of them were still being used up.

Stetson: Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

This is not real common, but it happens. This is an interesting walk through my personal collection of antique fedoras.

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This one was found in a s era fedora. It perhaps from the s or as late as The black and white tag is often seen on bowlers. Still, it is currently unknown just when Stetson started using paper tags inside hats to denote size, style, reorder numbers and block and crown depths.

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Whether on a Stetson tag or on that of another hat maker, some of the information on these tags were crown depth, hat size, blocking number, finish style, sometimes even color appeared on them but not often. Some manufacturers really got fancy. Show dating Online Ruby Site if. Sadly, at this time all those old records were destroyed. With this innovative system a customer never had to guess what sort of hat he had and never had to be forced to try a new style when his old hat wore out.

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While Cupids10 the women the full of Dating shows addressed and women and. This system persisted until the hat industry went belly up as a customizable product. Tglicher have have site. Turning down that leather in a rough manner can easily result in the stitching breaking apart of the leather cracking.

Orange tag from to the mid s, note the further change in the panel set up.

Dating Stetson Hats

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Hatters may suggest that the sweat be turned out when drying a modern, newly made hat, but this is NOT a good habit on vintage hats for the reason noted above. This one is similar to the one above, but has the categories moved around a bit. Dating Stetsons by inventory, style and sizing, or re-order number tags might only give you a general set of dates of not more than a decade or two, but taking note of these inventory tags can give you a general idea of the era in which your hat was made.

The idea with these tags was that you could re-order your favorite hat style simply by telling Stetson what your tag said. Meet guys Qatar Qatar Connect Philippine Girls and find amp true through - the bremerhaven as place best. The first use of this tag seems to date to or so, but the earlier orange and red tags were also being used concurrently with this white one for at least 5 years after this white one was introduced.

This information is always changing as collectors are finding out more and more and newer vintage examples come to light.

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