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Sarcasm, tongue in cheek comments, passive aggressive statements and veiled insults are still insults nonetheless.

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You in turn trash talk them. Which is a bad person. The way you treat others is despicable. I pointed out several this morning while drinking my coffee. Photos Consisting of attractive interiors and sophisticated decor with a heap of production details, The Grand redefines nightclub entertainment in San Francisco.

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Experience 2 floors with five separate levels of elevation for maximum visibility. I can say what I like on here thank you just as people can come on here and say hateful things also, but you only chose to attack me? He rarely responds to anyone.

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What a bunch of worthless fucking assholes. Wtf are you smoking over there.

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The point has always been, No one is attacking you, yet you feel it necessary to attack them. He is what he is and nothing else.

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Got to give it to you drivan your excelling yourself here. But wait did I beat you to that? Wow just wow man. You are just as bad as Smedley. You enjoy treating people like crap over their criticism of a video game.

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This is the action of a bully. The Smedley Knight… As I mentioned moments ago, I found the Smedley post you referenced and noticed that I was not one of his 5 upvotes. Different moral value I guess. The Grand offers four bars fully stocked with the best stuff on earth so you and your friends can enjoy smooth signature cocktails made with premium liquor. Trying to be a reformed hater?

The same holds true with the others you mentioned, they only react to what you are saying to them.

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Trashing people and north vernon girls them like garbage because they voice their criticism makes you a terrible person. Drivan Nice, you have nowhere else to go so you are deflecting the truthful statements I make about you back at me… Classy. At least for me, and as I see from experience to a tons and tons of other people.

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Some one hurt your feelings because they insulted your game. Then you are a terrible person.

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You are a fake and your proving it nicely. Of course just because he has a different al qasim singles from you, you chose to target him. Drivan Actually you could just ignore it.

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Don Loco Oh I see. Drivan Actually, as I said yesterday, the person that you are refering to has recently posted several things that I have agreed with, upvoted and posted a comment in agreeance with what they said.

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It was more of a shrug it off comment. Drivan I have said something to Smedley, he never responds. He has his 1 obligatory post per thread and goes away.

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His comment was neither constructive or had any informative content. He and I never get into discussions like you and I do because he never responds to me.

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Or are you here because you love the game?