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Series means from flybridge to existing control and then back to engine. This is left to the autopilot manufacturers. Teleflex has applied its patented No FeedBack technology to the incredible precision of a rack and pinion system, and engineered-in serious advances in steering comfort and control.


Please see the Big-T Dual Station product pages, earlier in this catalog. There are many ways to connect a steering cable to an engine, drive unit or rudder. Always replace steering cables that are stiff in operation or have damage to the plastic jacket outer casing.

You probably have what is called dual lever controls.

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Now what should I do? Order that length cable.

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I would like to upgrade the steering in my boat to Tilt Steering. Attempting to repair a helm will void the warranty and can lead to steering failure, which may result in personal injury and property damage.

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Connect the power steering lines to the rack using new O-rings and tighten the fittings to 13 ft. Install the front wheels and lower the vehicle.

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There is no substitute for proper cable maintenance procedures, as noted earlier in these FAQs. With the steering cable disconnected from the link arm, tiller arm or rudder post arm, disconnect the cable from the helm.

Seastar Hydraulic Steering System Install

Raise the rear of the cradle and install the mounting bolts. SeaStar hydraulic steering is the preferred choice for dual station boats.

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Do not lower the rear of the cradle too far, as damage to engine components nearest the cowl may result. These items cannot be repaired; if any are not in good working order, replace them.

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Remove the rack and pinion through left wheel opening. Remove the steering cable s telescoping ram from the tilt tube.

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For mechanical steering, please note the maximum wheel diameter listed for each product earlier in Mechanical Steering section of this catalog. Raise and support the vehicle on jackstands, then remove both front wheel and tire assemblies.

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If the instructions are missing, contact the manufacturer. If the steering cable is deteriorated, does not move or operates in any manner other than correctly, replace it with the correct one for the helm. The following troubleshooting sequence is suggested, during which the steering wheel should remain on the helm.

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Is there anything I should definitely avoid doing? Note that locking fasteners are used to secure the steering wheel, helm, steering cable and link arm drag link.

Installing Boat Steering Cable