Axe manufacturing in Pennsylvania

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While on a business trip inWilliam III would die tragically in a boiler room explosion of a steamboat on the Ohio River.

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Provides additional coverage of affiliated operations and aliases. Mann as tribute to her late husband. Production was consolidated at Beaver Falls and Glassport, near Pittsburgh. For the next years, members of the Mann family would establish and operate axe factories at four main locations in central Pennsylvania: InStandard was acquired by Warren, and the equipment was moved to St.

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Growth prompted the next move, construction of a second or Lower Plant devoted to double-bit axes located in Mill Hall on Water St. Harris would disappear on a business trip to Philadelphia in A shed at the crossing was part of the factory. He re-equipped the plant to produce edge tools of all types.

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The Upper Plant had a capacity of about axes per day and employed men; the Lower Plant made axes per day and employed 65 men; [32] and the Flemington works employed about 30 men, making axes per day. Philadelphia axe manufacturers and related articles. The Reedsville factory was finally closed in late Three years later inthey moved to Boiling Spring now Axemann and built a modern forge on land purchased from Judge Thomas Burnside.

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An online video from captures the effort required to make axes, including steeling the head and hanging "hafting" a handle or haft. Inthe plant was destroyed by fire, and rebuilt. Another brother, Stephen, would join Harvey, but illness limited his involvement. These are much prized by collectors.

The overlay method — patented by Harvey Mann in no. Privately published available from Larry McPhail.

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Centre Daily Times, Sep Others were more formal trusts or mergers of formerly independent competitors. After several failures at other locations, Robert relocated to Mackeyville in to work in a retail store owned by Willis. History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania.

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High carbon steel was used for the bit or cutting edge. Plant capacity was 1, axes per day, with a workforce of over men.

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The dam at the factory site was destroyed by flood in and a fire occurred in Except possibly for Kelly axes, production locations are unknown. Detailed account of the Harvey Mann family. Kelly, founder of Kelly Axe. Two days after the fire, the board voted to remove Joseph as President and terminate A. InMcMullen left the business, and Essington and his sons continued on.

This plant eventually employed men. Reports are that Collins continued to produce axes at Yeagertown until or possibly as late as List of PA producers. Officers of Mann Edge Tool Co. Mann[ edit ] Mann Edge Tool in Lewistown, postcard view ca.

A historical account of Axemann, including Mann Axe Co.

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The Reedsville plant continued to operate and James was made treasurer, while Frank was appointed plant superintendent. Mentions other local axe-making operations in Lemont, Mackeyville, and Milesburg. From Juniata Iron to the Space Age.

Mann Axe Factory Workers, Reedsville ca. As a result, the number of axe producers listed or found for Pennsylvania exceeds the number of actual producers of interest or importance. Throughout this lengthy period, the businesses endured despite personal illness, early deaths, family disputes, financial difficulties, and fire and flood disasters that often struck axe works.

The trust movement was the consequence.

Production by Loveland reached axes per day, with a workforce of men. Describes William Mann works.

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A thorough description of operations at Mill Hall, including estimate that main shop had a length of feet and forging shop had 13 fires. Early brand labels used by James H.

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This operation was apparently taken over by Willis Mann around and Hayes moved to nearby Belles Springs now Lamar. In Apra fire completely destroyed the new factory.

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Very thorough, especially presentations of brand etchings and labels. InJames acquired the Pennsylvania Axe Co.

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Kelly, a grandson of William C. By standards of the day, the Axe Trust was a fairly modest affair. Today, the Upper Plant site along Fishing Creek is a grassy field with a parking lot for fishermen.

Describes axe-making in Mifflin County.

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