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Scan the barcode with a phone. But the screen still continues to show a barcode. A pedestrian with a phone can see every model, change the colour, open the doors, rotate the car etc.

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As a practical matter, a retailer is unlikely to have more than 4 simultaneous users of a large screen. Unless perhaps the screen is put flush against the inside of the window. The screen is inside the shop window, facing the street.

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A pedestrian with a phone can change the colour of the car, open the doors and trunk, and rotate the images. The first is the shop window.

She points at different parts of the screen and the retailer software tries to detect this from the camera data. A regular non-touch screen is used.

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But it does not scale to having multiple users independently control different parts of the screen. A jeweler is often in an expensive retail area.

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But how realistic is this scenario? Notice how the use of the barcode is far easier than having the large screen use cameras to do image recognition of the users.


There are numerous mobile operating systems qr codes dating there an the situation is likely to get even more complex in the future. Jane is a pedestrian. Enhanced mind share for the advertiser. Since UTF-8 is variable sized.

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Now, suppose it instals a very large screen. From the lowest level mechanism of the Internet, the website gets the address of her phone which is different from Doris comes nearby and wants to look for a hat.

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Or consider a car dealer. In the first figure below, Jane is controlling the entire screen and is looking for dresses. A jeweler for example. Many retailers can benefit from using the barcode.

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Mike ventures near, to look for baseball bats. This is extra hardware compared to the barcode method. The retailer has cameras near its screen, pointed at the customer outside.

As a practical matter, the shop cannot put the keyboard or mouse of the screen outside the window. Whereas surfing the web at home is solitary.


When it is closed, its window is wasted. UTF-8 is the smaller brother of UTF it is similarly able to encode all unicode characters in 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits per character.

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Bring it up in a desktop. Tehn 2 Comments QR codes can be used to log into websites: This gets around a historic problem with shop windows.

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She scans the barcode with her phone. Note that there is now the concept of paired web pages.

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In order to ensure adaptation to chromatic distortions which arise in each scanned code, HCC2D codes make use of an additional field: You can try this prototype. While for a billboard, it is ambiguous where a distant person should stand, to control the billboard.

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This is far more immersive. In front of the entire plaza. The reason your phone is able to represent all manner of languages including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Estonian, etc.

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The second figure assumes that Bob then goes on to search for umbrellas in his split screen. Too small to show everything for sale.