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She's an easy writer and doesn't waste a sentence. Victoria had nine children and 42 grandchildren. But that is the way it is in most families, isn't it?

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Victoria's grandchildren - often first cousins - were then married off to each other. Now, that was a long, double courtship!

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From the archive, 4 February Historian Deborah Cadbury explains Victoria's chess board and chess pieces in her new book, "Queen Victoria's Matchmaking: Eddy, rejected by Alexandra, found himself conscripted into an alliance with the pleasingly anglicised she grew up in Richmond May of Teck. The relationships that got explored after the marriage, like Emperor Nicholas and Alexandra, had nothing to do with Queen Victoria.

It was as if, inVictoria had foreseen what was to come.

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She and Prince Albert had seen their children as marrying into the other Protestant royal houses and bringing along their shared sense of liberal rule. At the time of her death, Victoria had 20 some-odd grandchildren.

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She also oversaw the marriage of her heir Bertie's first son and then second son when the first died at a young age to May of Teck. Cadbury does an excellent job in picking several children and grandchildren to follow through the diplomatic and personal paths to love and marriage.

Some paths were more difficult than others and some marriages turned out better than others. Shot at again and again, the Romanov women mysteriously eluded death. In some marriages they succeeded, in others they failed.

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She'd been a widow since December, and had worn widows-weeds ever since, mourning her beloved husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Gotha. The actual matches dangers of dating an unbeliever did make, such as Victoria Melita and Ernest of Hesse, were barely mentioned except in he space of a few pages chronicling them getting together, unlike other relationships that got analysed till death of the participants.

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Nothing was wrong with the research, premise, or writing of this book, the book's problems were all caused by the author's not knowing what type of book to write or what to focus on. She thought the Russians were barbaric and corrupt, and forbade the match. Russia, in particular, was the scene of several horrific political assassinations and Victoria worried about her favorite granddaughter, Alix of Hesse daughter of her late daughter, Alice and her choice of Nicholas of Russia as her husband.

Victoria was marrying off first and second cousins to each other and wasn't concerned - or knowledgeable - about the genetic dangers of kissing cousins going further than kissing. This catastrophe-laced slice of royal history offers a ripping read. Victoria liked the German princess, who was also a cousin, because of her level headedness, and pressured Albert to marry her even though he was rumored to be gay.

Elizabeth of Austria was stabbed to death in with a meticulously sharpened industrial needle. Each dress was densely lined with jewels, concealed for their ill-fated flight.

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In any case, she does a great job laying out the complicated chessboard of British royal marriages. The reason I mention that is because I had started her previous book, "Princes at War", but didn't finish it.

It would have been fine as a book that simply focused on the personal romantic relationships of her grandchildren without needing to dive into the muddy, irrelevant waters of pre-World War I politics in order to make it important.

This book was more about the relationships that the grandchildren had rather than about the setting up of them by Queen Victoria and how that affected their marriage. Their love was strong, but fated for tragedy: The majority of relationships talked abou 2.


Deborah Cadbury's book is very readable. I may go back and try again. He was the product of what Victoria once thought was one of her most successful matches: She accepted and, as queen consort of George Vbecame a beloved ruler.

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Then, tragedy struck and he died suddenly of influenza in In Januarysix weeks before his wedding, Eddy unhelpfully died of diphtheria, leaving his fiancee stranded, if not altogether bereft. The Prince of Wales narrowly escaped being murdered inthe year King Umberto of Italy was killed.

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World War I left more people dead than any war in history and left Europe in shambles. Share via Email Queen Victoria photographed for her diamond jubilee in The victoria matchmaking of relationships talked about in this book, including Marie and Ferdinand of Romania, Ena and Alfonso of Spain, and Eddy and Helene, had little to do with Queen Victoria except tangentially as a doting grandmother.

Fate outwitted her latest matchmaking plot.

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Though the monarch must still give approval for royal weddings, sprawling royal dynasties are no longer engineered via matchmaking. The consequences were astonishing: She thought that she could influence Europe by controlling who her family members married.

The book also tried to delve into some heavy politics on its many tangents, particularly as done by the Kaiser, which also doesn't fit in the scope of this book and felt like a case of trying to seem ultra-important, which it didn't need to do.

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Luckily, she had plenty of family members with which to do it. By then, Queen Victoria had been dead for 17 years, but the marriages she pushed for with such authority and optimism still reverberated through Europe.

The Royal Marriages that Shaped Europe". What it actually chronicles is the relationships between the future crowned heads of Europe and Queen Victoria's grandchildren, with Victoria being mentioned regularly but having little actual influence over their choices. It was these children and grandchildren whose marriages with other members of European royalty Victoria plotted as almost her legacy.

For some of them, she wasn't even alive from the get go Ena and Alfonso.

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