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He has given many hot shirtless scenes in movies and TV shows just to make the scenes look real. During this, Jackie robs the wallet off of him taking all the money inside of it, and leaves the empty wallet in Judy's taxi. She is then transferred to another block in episode but makes a return in episode Leanne Burke Tracey-Jo Riley — episodes 33—Noeline Burke's daughter, who has inherited her mother's criminal tendencies.

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Michelle Parks Nina Landis — episodes —an attractive young athlete with Olympic potential, Michelle is remanded to Wentworth charged with stealing from the office where she worked and once inside, literally runs rings around deputy governor Jim Fletcher. She's later mentioned in episode by Lizzie when the women feel that a new prisoner who have arrived and placed in solitary that they aren't being told about or allowed to see due to possibly being dangerous.

Jenny makes her way to the police station and is reunited with her parents. When Greg makes a brief return appearance in episodewe hear that Karen is recovering well and the pair have married.

Unfortunately she was ill-equipped to fend for herself outside and quickly committed a series of crimes and was returned to prison. Kate was one of the few characters on the show who was a "good guy", and later turned "bad".

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But the terrorist break-out doesn't go as planned; Ros saves Governor Davidson from being fatally shot, and escapes on her own; following a tip-off from Chrissie, she is kenyan free online dating site a while later. Andrea Hennessy Bethany Lee — episodes —a student and political activist who is admitted to Wentworth after assaulting officer Colleen Powell during a demonstration outside the prison.

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Is Wentworth Miller gay? She later dies from a blood clot on the brain.

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Although Jim tries to put her off, Erica visits Sarah's business and seems to recognise her. Evelyn Randall Julia Blake — episodes —; seen in recap ofreferred to as 'Evie' only by Lizzie, she is an eccentric, middle-aged herbalist who arrives with other new prisoners Jenny Armstrong and Georgie Baxter see separate profiles.

Mum and Judith-Anne are visited again in a storyline running from episode 61— When Tracey realises that Joe has been using her, Kathleen is given orders to kill Tracey; unable to carry out the instructions, she goes to Bea for help.

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Helen Masters Louise Pajo — episodes 8—10an international businesswoman who was well known in the media due to her cosmetics enterprise remanded to Wentworth for running down and killing a child in a hit and run. The loot is eventually recovered when Jim Fletcher double-crosses Denise Crabtree see below entry to find the stashed key to unlock the loot.

She eventually moves to the country to live with Joanne Slater.

She later disappears after a fixed 'meeting' with Kate Peterson at the rubbish bins but when the girls are called in Kate returns instead of Sandy. Married Secrets caters to married people who are interested in dating others outside their marriage, discreetly and anonymously. She is pregnant with Tom's child, and after a brief spell in Wentworth, escapes conviction by convincing the Judge that she was only acting out of desperation of wanting the father of her baby.

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It might be presumed that Noeline was just trying to cause trouble. No, but rumore has it that he is dating his gal pal Mariana Klaveno just because he took her to the movies.

She's also the ex-wife of prison officer Terry Harrison Brian Hannan who works at the prison during her time there.

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Gladys Anne "Marilyn" Mason Margaret Laurence — episode 1—16the prison nymphomaniac, inside for soliciting and chiefly memorable for her erotic assignations with electrician Eddie Cook Richard Moir in the prison roof. Margo Jane Gaffney Jane Clifton — episodes 92—one of a long line of agitators in the prison cell block who generally played rival to the reigning top-dog.

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Find People Just Like You Married Secrets can offer you a confidential and secure place to find married people just like you who have the same desires and concerns as you. Dinah Walford Trudy Simms — episodes —a middle-age woman who arrives with Kathy Hall see below.

She is inside for aiding and abetting her criminal husband in an armed robbery although, confusingly, on the character's first mention before her transfer, in episode 60, we hear that she is charged for driving a car through a shop window that had repossessed her furniture, something that is never mentioned again.

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Her haughty attitude soon gets Bea's back up, but most of the other prisoners take a liking her, annoying Bea even more. Anne Griffin Rowena Wallace — episodes —a seemingly meek, timid young woman sent to Wentworth for robbing a shopkeeper and knife-point. Served as a sort of "deputy Top Dog," to both Bea and Myra. She was later carted off to a mental institution when she tried to strangle her cell-mate Judy.

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Toni also starts smuggling in contrabandincluding booze and drugs, and hires Martha Eaves as her muscle and lackey. You don't have to be married and lonely or married and bored, even if you love your spouse, with Married Secrets.

Pat's kind nature comes through when she insists that Bea not attack the pregnant Chrissie, and with both Doreen and Lizzie on release, she becomes Bea's main sidekick for a spell.

Wentworth married but looking