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On 1st April the line was reopened for mineral traffic from the new Boulby Potash Mine to reach existing rail facilities at Skinningrove and it remains in operation Sources: If you can, avoid driving all the way into the town centre.

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The line was extended to Pickering as a horse worked line on 26th May and on 7th July the Whitby — Pickering Railway was extended to Malton. Construction of the new railway started on 25th May when the first sod was cut near Sandsend by the Dowager Marchioness of Normanby.

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Bear in mind that the steam train services are limited, and may well be booked up in advance. From Whitby Town a single track branched up a steep incline to Prospect Hill Junction from which trains could reach Whitby West Cliff Station and journey north along the coast to Saltburn and on to Middlesbrough or south across the Larpool Viaduct towards Scarborough.

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The link to the proposed Scarborough line at Larpool Wood was dropped. If you can, come to Whitby by bus or train - see below.


All the remaining station buildings were retained and renovated. The main station building, was a substantial brick built structure incorporating the stationmaster's house; this was located on the 'up' platform where there was also a signalbox.

There seems to have been two sidings fed from this loop; a short siding at the south end, accommodating tank wagons, and a much longer siding branching near the north end and said to have served the local council depot. On 3rd May the line was closed completely between Whitby West Cliff and Loftus and Loftus reverted to becoming a terminus for trains from Teesside until its closure for passengers on 30th May and goods on 10th August At this point traffic over the viaduct was suspended and could only be resumed after the structure had been inspected.

It's worth taking a trip on the train just for the views. The station was built without goods facilities but these were developed later and included coal cells, goods warehouse and a one ton crane.

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It seems that it could be entered from a head shunt at the north end and directly from the main running line. Another short branch was planned here to join the proposed Whitby to Scarborough Railway at Larpool Wood.

Whitby West Cliff remained open for trains ex London dating services until 10th June The line was intended to branch off the Whitby - Grosmont line 93 yards short of Ruswarp station. The new contractors drove the railway through the headlands rather than go round them.

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This loop was entered from the south end from a head shunt. On 16th July the line from Whitby to Scarborough was opened so allowing some trains to run through to Scarborough. The coastal rail link between Teesside and Whitby used a number of pre existing railway routes which had been constructed primarily with the ironstone mining activities as their main motivation.

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Full online schedules are available on their excellent web site here: By the construction of the railway had stopped and the contractor had gone into liquidation. The site was redeveloped for residential housing in c.

Trains for Whitby Town reversed at Saltburn West Junction to allow them to take the extension line from Saltburn to Brotton and thence follow the coastal line to Whitby through Loftus which up to then had been a terminus.

The route follows the Esk Valley through some stunning countryside with wooded valleys, bridges and of course, the river Esk itself.

For full train timetables to Whitby, use The Trainline: Expect to have to walk about a quarter of a mile from here to reach the town centre. Occasional summer trains would make Brotton via Redcar and the Saltburn extension. The X56 runs along the coast road, and offers some interesting scenery along the way, not least a stunning view across the bay to Whitby from Lythe, above Sandsend.

Keep following the road all the way, and you'll arrive in the town.

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Turn right, and follow the road all the way into town. The journey across the moors is stunning, and the carefully restored steam trains add to the magic of this Hogwart's Express type experience.

The new contractor found the previous work to be unsatisfactory and in the short period whilst work was suspended part of the cliff route north of Sandsend had collapsed into the sea. The largest area of parking is on the West Cliff, close to the very large and noticable Metropole Hotel and the children's amusement area.

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See schedules and booking information here: Stay on the road all the way into Whitby. Because of a lack of finance it took until 3rd May for the contract to build the Whitby, Redcar and Middlesbrough Union Railway to be signed.

In the summer of the northern terminus was changed to Middlesbrough and trains were then routed by way of Nunthorpe, Guisborough and Boosbeck to meet the original route at Brotton. The contractor was John Dickson.

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The individual lines are described below: Five steel tubular viaducts were erected on the line at Upgang ft long, 70 ft high with 6 spansNewholm Bank50, 11East Row30, 8Sandsend63, 8 and Staithes, Two tunnels were constructed, Sandsend tunnel yards and Kettleness tunnel yards ; between them a short stretch of the original course along the cliff edge remains.

This coal siding it seems was, at one time, equipped with a short passing loop. Railways around Whitby Vols. For many years after closure the station was used as a council depot.

Various extra parking is laid on at these times, and plans are afoot for more, so as you approach the town, please look out for signs guiding you to appropriate parking locations.

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A new potash mine was opened near to the route of the railway north of Staithes. The line exploited the camping coach business with coaches being provided at Sandsend 2Kettleness 2 and East Row 3 between and Grosmont and Pickering stations were used as locations for the production of some of the Harry Potter movies!

There was a loop behind the down platform without platform access. View an interactive map of Whitby and the surrounding area here The business was suspended during the war and opened again in There was also a brick building on the 'down' platform that included a long covered waiting area.

The 93 comes across inland and gives great views of the moors - and an awesome panorama when are just about to drop down "Skelder", about 4 miles from Whitby.

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