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The White House has more than rooms. It's unlikely that the White House will give too many more details about what the anti-discrimination executive order will look like during Thursday's meeting, since it's expected officials are waiting to see how the Supreme Court will rule in the upcoming Hobby Lobby case.

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The president meets with diplomats and other guests in these rooms. The room is named in honor of dating site yearbook White House press secretary James Brady.

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Kennedy, rode her tricycle in the East Room. Overview[ edit ] Users who wish to create a petition are required to register a free whitehouse.

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According to a copy of the invitation obtained by The Huffington Post, the meeting will focus on the fallout from the Supreme Court's United States v. They burned the White House. The petition had oversignatures within three days. The work included a better look for television, new electrical system, better air conditioning and more comfortable seats. To sign a petition, users only need to provide their name and their email address, and they will receive an email with a link that they must click to confirm their signature.

Nearby is the State Dining Room, where big events take place, like official dinners for visiting leaders. John and Abigail Adams lived in six rooms and used others to entertain guests. So did the next president, James Madison. Yet he and his wife, Martha, never had the chance to live there.

By the February 17 deadline to reachsignatures, it had exceeded one million signatures, making it the first petition on the site to do so. In another hall on the same floor are paintings of first ladies.

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In the United States, the third Monday in February is a federal holiday. Jefferson tried to finish work on the home.

It will also address the White House's announcement on Monday that President Barack Obama has directed his staff to draft an executive order that would ban LGBT workplace discrimination among federal contractors. During this time, it was painted white. Abigail Adams hung her family's clothes to dry from the wash.

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Each presidency has added to this collection. It also has collections of more than 40, objects.

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Jacqueline Kennedy, for example, created a colorful garden that is named in her honor. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? At different times, this was the cabinet room or the president's office.

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One, for the release of his taxes, "with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance" reached thesignature just my type dating a man within twenty-four hours. John Adams lost re-election to Thomas Jefferson.

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And the nineteenth president, Rutherford Hayes, took his oath of office in the Red Room in following a disputed election. He was elected four times, more than any other president. The first family lives in the East Wing.

Other rooms on the State Floor are named for their colors: