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Fromthe region was a part of Nerchinskaya Zabaykalskaya oblast of Irkutsk province.

Mining remains the main industry of the region. From the middle of the 17th century, Transbaikalia became part of the Russian state. The main sights of Zabaykalsky krai: The first explorers crossed Dauria the lands beyond Lake Baikal along the rivers.

Summers are short and warm sometimes hotthe average temperature in July - about plus 20 and 13 degrees Celsius respectively.

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Great role in the development of the region was played by the exiled members of the Decembrist uprising brothers Bestuzhev, M. Chita, Nerchinsk, Sretensk, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, and Shilka have the status of historical settlements.

Among the first colonists there were a lot of exiled old believers. In the s, there was a sharp decline in industrial and agricultural production.

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Zabaykalsky region history The first people inhabiting Transbaikalia, known both from archaeological finds and written sources mainly Chinesewere the nomadic people of the Hunnu BC - 93 ADwho created a large state in the Central Asian steppes.

Winters are long and severe, the average temperature in January ranges from minus 20 degrees Celsius in the south to minus 37 degrees Celsius in the north.

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The territory of the Zabaykalsky region has a wide variety of natural landscapes, unique monuments of nature. Sergey Bulanov Hilly landscape in the Zabaykalsky region Author: Untilabout 77 thousand Japanese prisoners of war were engaged in work to restore the region.

In the north of the region there is an amazing country of contrasts and surprises - Charskaya depression with the surrounding mountain ranges. The relief is represented by both plains and mountains, but mountains are predominant in the region.

During the Second World War, tens of thousands of local residents were drafted into the Soviet army.

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The highest point on the territory of the region is the peak 10 things you need to know about dating a scorpio BAM 3, meters. It is known for such monuments of nature as Kodar ridge with the highest point of Transbaikalia, Chara Sands - a miniature desert 10 km long; Lake Arey - a hydrological monument of nature, one of the favorite places for recreation.

In the 18th century, the population of the region grew rapidly due to the influx of settlers and criminals, who worked in mines.

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The national composition according to the census: March 1,in the territory of the Chita region and the Aginsky Buryat Autonomous Okrug, a new federal subject was created - Zabaykalsky krai. For these purposes more than sports and tourist routes have been developed.

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In the north of the zabaykalsky krai dating reindeer-breeding and fur trade are developed. Sports tourism with elements of extreme has always been attractive for tourists: Ethno-tourism is associated with the culture of small peoples, such as the Evenks.

The main problem of the forest area is the annual destruction of thousands of hectares of forest by natural fires.

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Within Chita oblast there was Aginsky Buryat-Mongol national district formed. Until the 17th century, the territory of the present Zabaykalsky krai was part of the Mongolian state of Northern Yuan.


Several fortified towns were founded. On the territory of Zabaykalsky krai ancient settlements of the Huns were discovered. Inthere was an armed conflict on the Soviet-China border close to the frontier point of Nizhne-Mikhailovka on the Damansky Island.

Agriculture is specialized in cattle- and sheep-breeding.

In MarchChita oblast was formed, it became a part of Vostochno-Sibirsky kray. Alkhanay National Park in Duldurginsky district - the only place in Russia where a harmonious system of cult Buddhist and natural monuments has been created; Krasniy Chikoy, the center of Krasnochikoysky district, is one of the oldest and most beautiful villages in the region; Mineral springs.

InZabaykalskaya oblast was formed with the capital in Chita as part of Irkutsk gubernia.

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The lake is located in a picturesque forest area near the highway Chita-Khilok; Haatei Caves - two caves connected by a narrow passage. The first cave is called Ice, in winter, when water flows into the cave and freezes, you can see very beautiful patterns there.

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The crops grown are wheat, barley and oats. Tours on reindeer are held. Since the 19th century, mining was the main industry of the region. September 26,Vostochno-Sibirsky kray was divided into Irkutsk and Chita oblasts.

Ferrous metallurgy is developed as well as machine-building, timber industry, light and food industries. The climate is sharply continental. Zabaykalsky krai tourism The border position of Zabaykalsky krai promotes the rapid development of cross-border tourism. Zabaikalsky krai of Russia photos Zabaykalsky region pictures. The Buryats and Tungus, after a long resistance, recognized the new power and paid tribute to Russia.

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At the end of the 19th century, the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway forced the economic development of the region. In connection with the threat of an attack by the Kwantung Army of Japan, the Transbaikal front was established here.

The greatest length from north to south is about km, from west to east - km. The territory of the region became an integral part of the Mongol Empire. In the 6th-9th centuries, Turkic Uighurs lived in this region.

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In the 14th century, the Mongolian Empire collapsed into separate states. At the end of the s - in the early s, during collectivization, Cossack settlements were destroyed, the Buryat cattle-breeders were forced to have a settled way of life.

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The local economy was completely restored by the s.